We have extensive experience working with both national and multinational clients and an in-depth understanding of the market in areas such as:

Consumer Products

Focused on general consumer products such as soft drinks, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages, food, snacks, personal care products, toilet paper, tissue, books, electrical appliances, school and office supplies, technological equipment, cell phones and everything available at a point of sale, direct from the manufacturer or online.

Lifestyle and Social Products

With extensive experience in managing communications and public relations for lifestyle companies, such as hotels, spas and upscale restaurants; luxury cars, airplanes, helicopters and yachts; jewelry, accessories and luxury watches; premium beverages like cognac, champagne, brandy, tequila, rum, whisky, wines, and more; and social and VIP events such as launches, presentations, anniversa ries, festivals and inaugurations.

Fashion, Beauty and Personal Care

At Gricorp we are experts in fashion items and brands, such as sports clothing and footwear, designer clothing, ties, belts, scarves, bags and accessories; and beauty products and personal care products such as fragrances, lotions and perfumes, skin lotions, soaps and shampoos, cosmetics and dermatological products, among others.


This category includes all technology-related products ranging from cameras, LED and LCD screens, MP3 and MP4 players, digital photo frames, scanners, multifunction devices, hardware, software and antivirus applications to satellite communication equipment.

Automotive Industry

Everything related to the automotive industry including car and motorcycle brands; auto parts manufacturers; service and spare parts; sound equipment, communication, navigation and Bluetooth connectivity systems; tires; lubricants and batteries; and motorsports.

Corporate Image and Reputation

We help our clients improve their corporate images by enhancing their executive visibility and the reputation and goodwill of national and international companies in different industries including food, textiles and manufacturing, distribution and delivery, real estate, developers and more.

Financial sector

This segment includes banks, investment advisors, insurance brokers, consultants, trade associations and investors, among others.

Shows and Entertainment

Entertainment programs and pay-TV channels, celebrities, musical performances, movie premieres, video games, toy companies, exhibitions, museums, etc.

Social Responsibility

Gricorp supports various foundations and civic associations and promotes the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of clients seeking to contribute to sustainable human development, by fostering the company’s commitment to and confidence in its employees and their families, society in general and the local community, with a view to improving social capital and quality of life for the whole community.

Health Care

Laboratories and ethical and OTC drugs; disorders and diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, cancer, eye problems, Alzheimer's, muscle pain, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, among others.